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Greetings. You’re now entering the web site of The Little Store That Could, the Regent Market Co-op (RMC). It’s been the neighborhood store for over 90 years and opened its doors when Calvin Coolidge was President of the United States. As neighbors support RMC, RMC supports the neighbors with food and supplies, (whenever they are available) from local distributors, farmers and producers. RMC strives to have an excellent selection of meats, breads, cheese and tasty vegetables. The RMC staff stands ready to serve you and answer questions you might have. You can shop the store as a member or as a non-member. The Regent Market Co-op is on the corner of Regent and Allen Streets. It’s located near West High School and a connected walkable community that believes in good, healthy food. The market offers both students and shoppers daily specials from John’s kitchen. And for whatever reason you’re unable to get to the little store, RMC delivers. But if you are driving, you can pull up right in front of the little store and park. Couldn’t be easier.

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Plans for Store Expansion Discussed At February 8, 2015,
Regent Market Coop Annual Membership Meeting

At the February 8, 2015, Regent Market Co-op Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors further discussed plans to put a new look and feel to “The Little Store.” After a year-long discussion, the BOD unanimously decided to add new product lines, increase space and reorganize the staff. It is expected that the expansion and the new product lines will significantly increase gross sales. We will provide more details on this initiative over the next few months, both through our e-news and through the neighborhood listserv. So stay tuned for more news. This is a very exciting time for “The Little Store” and its future. The need to work together as a neighborhood and a caring community is crucial to make the expansion a success. Stay tuned for more details on the expansion.

For current information on the expansion, please see the links below.

RMC master project PLANNING AND CONSTRUCTION Schedule-1



Regent Market Coop Annual Membership Meeting: On February 8, 2015, the Regent Market Coop held its Annual Membership Meeting. Click the link below to view the PowerPoint presentation as a PDF. It takes a few seconds to download the presentation.

2014 annual meeting 02-15

Two Cards in One: Reward Points and Convenient Easy Pre-Pay

For Members and The Store

Several of our members have discovered a convenient new way to pay for groceries without worrying about cash or checks, and without using a credit card and the inevitable fee the store is charged by the card company. Instead, they prepay a set amount to the store and gradually draw down on that account as they fulfill their grocery buying needs over the next several weeks or months and get reward points! Reducing cash and card transactions saves your cooperative money each time you shop, and saves time at the register, too! Consider establishing a pre-paid account and see how convenient shopping at RMC can be!

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