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Greetings. You’re now entering the web site of The Little Store That Could, the Regent Market Co-op (RMC). It’s been the neighborhood store for over 90 years and opened its doors when Calvin Coolidge was President of the United States. As neighbors support RMC, RMC supports the neighbors with food and supplies, (whenever they are available) from local distributors, farmers and producers. RMC strives to have an excellent selection of meats, breads, cheese and tasty vegetables. The RMC staff stands ready to serve you and answer questions you might have. You can shop the store as a member or as a non-member. The Regent Market Co-op is on the corner of Regent and Allen Streets. It’s located near West High School and a connected walkable community that believes in good, healthy food. The market offers both students and shoppers daily specials from John’s kitchen. And for whatever reason you’re unable to get to the little store, RMC delivers. But if you are driving, you can pull up right in front of the little store and park. Couldn’t be easier.


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A letter to RMC supporters,

As you know, The Regent Market Co-operative (RMC) is a homegrown neighborhood-owned grocery and deli that has been serving the Near West side for over 90 years. RMC is open 364-1/2 days a year and has served as the anchor business in the neighborhood. It provides a convenient, walkable marketplace that continues to create and preserve our unique neighborhood character through cooperative action and local ownership, while preserving sustainability through locally sourced food supplies. However, competition from chain grocery stores and other changes with nearby neighborhood businesses have provided both the opportunity and necessity to grow. This letter is to inform you–our members, neighbors and supporters–how you can help us with this growth.

It is a pleasure for the RMC Board of Directors to announce that “The Little Store” is planning an extensive renovation and expansion in 2015/2016. For the past two years much thought and effort has gone into preparing for this expansion. But we can’t do this alone. RMC needs community resources to assist in this endeavor. We invite you to help ensure the long-term future of our neighborhood grocery store. Here are a few details regarding what we are planning and how you can contribute.

What We’re Planning
RMC purchased both its existing facility and the building next door where Mike’s Wine Shop is located. The Board negotiated a mutually satisfactory arrangement with Joe Heggestad, the long-time owner of the buildings and former proprietor of the Market. Our plans include an extensive renovation of the store itself and an expansion into the adjacent space. The expansion is going to include:

  • Larger improved produce section to increase our offerings of locally grown foods
  • Introduction of beer, wine and liquor into our inventory
  • Upgrade to energy efficient equipment (refrigeration, coolers, lighting, etc.)
  • Unified façade enhancing the character of the storefront
  • Community gathering space and lunch counter with expanded “fast fresh” offerings
  • Community solar project with rooftop and solar awning panels to reduce the carbon footprint of our energy usage.
  • Improved shopping with even more products, continuing the tradition of a full-line neighborhood grocery store.

What’s Needed to Expand?
RMC’s finances have been on a sound footing for the last six years. We are debt-free and are paying our bills on time, while providing livable wages to five full-time and a dozen part-time employees. This steady state of operations is admirable given the challenges of sustaining a small grocery in this age of warehouse big-box stores. Nevertheless it is not enough to secure the future of this store for the next generation of neighborhood residents and West High School students. Competition and a maxed-out store space are eroding margins and sales. That is why we need to renovate and expand.

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We need members and neighbors alike to provide financial assistance to our endeavor. We are looking for two kinds of financial support:

  1. Equity Contributions:
    We are looking for interested donors, whether you are long-time supporters, members or simply generous neighbors, to provide gifts to the capital campaign.
  2. Bond Drive:
    The Bond Drive has been launched! A Bond Drive is a way for members to loan money to the Co-op in exchange for a small interest rate over a limited term. A bond packet is being prepared and further details will be available from the Board treasurer, Jim Yockey, or the Project Manager, Kurt Reinhold.

What’s our Goal?
We are looking to raise k in equity from donors to complement the 0K in bonds raised by members. While anyone can give a donation to the capital campaign, only members can buy bonds.

How can I contribute to building a new and better store as a neighborhood resource?

  • You can contribute a dollar gift of any amount by check, credit card or cash. Just tell the cashier to mark it miscellaneous gift!
  • Members can purchase Bonds. Interested members should contact only the Board treasurer (Jim Yockey) or the Project Manager (Kurt Reinhold) for a Bond packet. (See contact information below.)
  • You can buy a share in the community roof solar project
  • You can encourage other neighbors to join the Co-op if they are not members
  • You can purchase a life-time membership for 5.00
  • We hope to offer a donor-recognition wall as part of the remodeling

Who to contact with questions:

  • Jim Yockey, Board treasurer, rmcfund@gmail.com, 608-770-9660
  • Kurt Reinhold, Project Manager, rmcfund@gmail.com, 608-957-6801

For current information on the expansion, please see the links below.




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