RMC Board of Directors’ 2015 Annual Members Meeting (from year 2014)

President’s Report from the
RMC February 8, 2015 (2014 year) Annual Meeting
See PowerPoint link below (PDF)

The Co-op held its annual membership meeting on Sunday, February 8, 2015, at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Approximately 50 members were present to enjoy plenty of free food, live music featuring Milkhouse Radio.¬†Board president, Jim Widder and Jim Yockey, treasurer, presented the annual report, highlights of which included:

– Sales were steady with a slight decline in 2014, margins were good and the Co-op’s finances are sound

– The store finished at break even.

– Discussion ensued around the store’s plans to expand.

– We have 2120 active members, adding 121 new members in 2014

– The store has paid off all of its debt in the past three years, and the balance sheet is debt free!

– The co-op continues its support of the community through donations and event sponsorship, and we are working with other cooperatives on common goals

Both Jims thanked the retiring board member, Adolf Gundersen, the membership, and the store staff.

Regent Market Coop Annual Membership Meeting:
On February 8, 2015, the Regent Market Coop held its Annual Membership Meeting. Click the link below to view the PowerPoint presentation as a PDF. It takes a few seconds to download the presentation.

2014 annual meeting 02-15