Regent Market Co-op Expansion

Hello Regent Market Co-op Members and Guests —

An update on the expansion project is in order. We are learning a few interesting details about the two buildings that we bought, and are making a couple of adjustments in our floor plan to accommodate these details. For instance, instead of the bathroom being located in the center of the store, now we are tucking that into the northeast corner. Reason being, we have discovered a party wall between the two buildings that was covered up and not visible prior to our recent demo work in the liquor store side. That party wall will allow us to explore new options for the center of the store that were not considered earlier, and save some demolition and reconstruction in the process. By Thursday or Friday of this week we should have the new floor plan codified in a CAD document that we can share with you all by posting on our website and in our store.

Currently, the progress includes the demolition of the interior of the liquor store side, digging and pouring the foundation for a new stairwell in the back lot, and a lot of prep work for upgrading the roof and walkway for the second floor apartments and preparing for moving the deli to the liquor store side, the “new deli” if you will.

Sometime in January, we expect to shift the deli operations over to the “New Deli” side of the store, so this should not interfere with your holiday plans to buy your food from our Little Store as we reorganize to grow into a more comfortable and inviting space.

We will remain open the entire time with the exception of the occasional hour or two to switch over power or to move equipment, but even those minor interruptions shouldn’t take place until January.

Thanks for your past support and your continued patronage while we improve our store to serve you better!


the Staff, the Board of Directors, and the Expansion Team


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