Mission & Vision

Locally grown, Neighborhood owned

Regent Market Cooperative is unique because it is a traditional neighborhood grocery store serving the Regent, Monroe and Vilas neighborhoods. We serve our members, the neighborhood and other customers by providing and operating a customer-focused retail grocery store on a financially sound basis.


Our Mission:

Our purpose is to care for our members and other customer needs by providing a wide product selection, outstandingly friendly and knowledgeable customer service, and by doing this better than any other conventional store in our area.

Our Vision:

To continue to excel in serving our customers’ grocery needs, thereby creating growth of our annual sales to $1.5 million while maintaining gross margins of 32% and a net margin of 7%.

In order to meet our vision, the following strategies/goals have been set:

  • Encourage members to support their Co-Op by shopping at the co-op weekly and by offering suggestions on how we can better serve them;
  • Verify our membership list to ensure that we have an accurate list of members for all member communications and their preferred method of receiving information;
  • Communicate with in-store notices, e-mail newsletters (RMC e-news), yard signs and updates to our website;
  • Expand our communication with appropriate advertising and creative marketing approaches;
  • Recognize that our Regent and Allen business district is a vital aspect of our community and important to the success of our store; we will fully participate in the Regent Allen Business Village;
  • Recognize the importance of buying locally grown/produced products by continuing to support local growers and producers as proud members of the Dane County Buy Local Initiative;
  • Maintain and practice cooperative principles by continuing our strong advisory and reciprocal relationships with other Madison-area grocery cooperatives;
  • Achieve weekly sales of at least $28,000 by increasing our members’ use of the Co-op by continuing to evaluate our product offerings to determine that products in demand by our members are carried on our shelves and in our coolers/freezers;
  • We will conduct weekly employee training, conduct regular customer service surveys, offer special store events and sales, and will continue to provide the RMC special order program;
  • We will continue to improve our infrastructure by making full use of our point-of-sale system (CoPOS) for sales management, inventory management, and profitability management; and,
  • Above all, we will focus on meeting the neighborhood grocery store needs of our members and other customers.