Cheese and Dairy

The cheesesRepresented in our coolers are some of the best dairies in Wisconsin: Swiss Valley, Sassy Cow, Organic Valley, and Prairie Farms. You’ll find Crystal Ball milk in old-fashioned glass bottles, fresh Sugar River yogurt and Bountiful Bean tofu and hummus, all locally produced. We have eggs from three different Wisconsin farms: conventional eggs from Bahler Farm and organic eggs from New Century and the Amish M&M Farm. We are proud of our friendship with these dairy farmers and proud to offer you their fresh, fine products.

Check out our cheese case for the great local brie, gruyere, parmesan, and goat cheeses you’ll find there. We have it all, from 10-year-old cheddar to just-made mozzarella. We are pleased to represent such skilled cheesmakers as Cedar Grove, Schullsburg, Black River, Van Gogh, Betin, and Farmer John.