Shopping at The Little Store

From the moment you step foot into The Little Store, you’re in for a treat. The wooden floors, the small shopping carts, a big-city selection of products and parking three feet from the door, make the experience of buying food quite satisfying. But there’s a special feeling about the store because it’s member owned and responsive to the neighborhood. Store decisions are made by the people who support and patronize it.

Walking through the aisles, you’ll notice many local products. The Regent Market Co-op is proud of its selection of local foods that are both healthy for people and their families and keep the local businesses alive and well. John Wendt, the store’s manager, always keeps an eye out for local cheese and dairy products. And if you have a sweet tooth, the store can satisfy that too with its vegan-baked goods or traditional sugar treats. As far as the meat department goes, no one can beat the RMC home-made brats or the two-inch thick cuts of pork chops. And if you have a hankering for a veggie brat, RMC offers those too. But what’s most impressive about The Little Store is that it likes to boast that it has almost every product you need squeezed into its modest space with no big-store hassles. Its fresh veggie and fruit sections sit comfortably in the middle of The Little Store and offer seasonal vegetable and fruits whenever John or Bill can get their hands on them from the local vendors.

And for the home-bound or the just-can’t-get-out-of-the-house folks, RMC offers home delivery with a smile. But, most of all, shopping the Regent Market Coop offers a sense of community and with neighborly conversations going on—those warm elements missing from so many other shopping experiences.

Although RMC does not have a parking lot, there are plenty of options for free 2-hour parking.

regent_parking3(click image for larger version)